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This is a portable pet carrier,which help your pet arrive safely and in style with this pet carrier. Designed to keep your pet protected, secure, and comfortable, the sleek, pet carrier works well when traveling by plane or car or for routine trips to the vet.
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Looks great on our pup and best of all, she can’t back out of printed martingale dog collar. We go camping a lot and she has been known to back out of her collar when she wants to go play with another dog. This one prevents her from doing it. We bought a martingale style before that had the metal on it but it stained her fur. Overall very happy with this printed martingale dog collar!love the print and the wider collar controls our young boxer, t
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Durable Dual-Handle Bungee Reflective Hands Free Dog Leash for Running, Walking, Hiking
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I like taking my dog for walks,but it has become more difficult since we moved away from the city. There aren't any sidewalks here,and it's just too difficult,especially since I have to bring my four year old with me,it gets complicated trying to watch both at the same time,and watch for cars in both directions. I kind of only went a couple times,and then gave up.
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This is a very cool dog treats and poop bag dispenser pouch that is easy to carry around because it comes with an adjustable waist strap that could also be used as a shoulder strap or even carry like a messenger bag if you want to. It even has a metal belt clip if you don't want to use the strap. Speaking of the strap it has a huge amount of adjustment to it so we can go from a tiny waist to a very large waist.