Reflective Outdoor Adventure Pet Vest Harness

Reflective Outdoor Adventure Pet Vest Harness

I received this dog harness for my 70lb pit bull. I have been looking for a harness that would be more comfortable for him. I have to say I am very happy with this product. It is cushioned on the inside, very easy to put on him and looks great! I love the handle on top of it and the 2 clips to put it on instead of having to feed one under his belly like his old one. I am very happy with this harness.

Fantastic harness! I have been looking for a nicely padded adventure harness for my little 5 pounds Chihuahua. The neck part fits her neck as long as i put it on the smallest setting.

I was so glad to come across this one. It works greatly with our active lifestyle and with her being so tiny. Now when we go hiking I'm able to simply pick her up by the handle when the obstacle is too tall for her.

My little girl is a runner and pulls so i needed something that would stop the pulling when I needed. I also needed a harness with enough padding so she would have pain from the pressure. Before i used a normal step in harness without padding. Now I'm very glad she has this to wear. I find this harness to be much less of a hassle than her usual step-in harness. I simply place the harness over her neck then buckle up the sides.

One of the features i like about this harness is that it is mesh so it's breathable for my Chi. I did't want something that would get too hot when we go hiking or she goes running.

Another great feature it has is being reflective. Which is perfect for me to be able to see my girl when we do night walking and jogging. I do get nervous of stepping on her. Also the reflection helps me to see her when i let her out into the yard to potty at night.

The other great features of this harness are the front chest D-ring and the back V-ring. These allow me to choose the way i want to walk her . It also lets me have a place for her tag and a different place for her leash to attach to. They also can both fit on the same V-ring or D-ring as well.

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